Why carpet fiber and the pile is important

Just as important to the visual appeal of carpet flooring is the cushioning; that is, how it feels when you walk on it. There are two critical components: fiber and pile. When talking to your carpet retailer be sure to tell him or her exactly where and how to plan to use it.

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What are the basic carpet fibers?

Wool is natural and inherently durable and stain/soil-resistant. It has been known to last for years. Now, for the synthetics: Nylon is known for its phenomenal strength and good stain resistance. Polyester isn't quite as strong as nylon but is known for its excellent stain resistance. It doesn't absorb and dries fast when spills do occur. Olefin is an economical fiber, most closely associated with the Berber style. It, too, has excellent stain resistance. Triexta is a relative newcomer on the market, but it's already gained a lot of popularity. It is ultra-strong, and it has the stain resistance built right into the fiber. This is an especially popular choice for those with messy kids or pets. Many people question if natural is better than synthetic. They are all great choices. The final decision comes down to your style and needs.

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Understanding pile

Carpet pile refers to how the fibers are looped. A high pile rug has long, loose fibers. Examples are the shag and frieze styles. These rugs are more plush, thick, and soft. The shag is often referred to as "sheepdog rug." Low pile carpets have short, tightly woven fibers, such as the Berber style or any cut and loop. These are easier to clean and a little more durable. Saxony falls somewhere in the middle and comes in different styles, so it works with any decor.
Keep in mind that every room and space has different priories and challenges. What may be good for one may not necessarily work for the other. All of your carpets don’t need to match, as long as they coordinate.

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