Some of the Best Carpet in the Business. Its been around since 1988. If there is one thing about the Flooring Industry, its that nothing stays around for long. This is the only product line that has been around virtually unchanged for that long. Its an amazing line of carpet.. just listen to what some of these people have to say about it.

Jane M. West Chester, PA

I’ve had Anything Goes throughout the second floor of my home for over 11 years. It’s the style “Sensation” and it has held up terrifically! Just prior to the install I had a major renovation done on my home. This was a long term commitment and any product that I put in the house was meant for the “long haul”. A friend of mine suggested looking into the Anything Goes line because he had a relative with the product and they raved about the performance of the carpet. I have cleaned the carpet a couple of times and it has maintained its appearance far better than I expected. We are now in the renovation of one of the bedrooms and the only thing that will not be changed is the carpet. It looks too good to change!

Kim G. Dalton, GA

We’ve had Anything Goes in our basement for over 16 years and it still looks great! The basement is where our three kids and their friends hang out, so this is the area with the most activity. We were initially drawn to the performance guarantee and the warranty. We wanted something that would look good for a long time, and also stand up the wear and tear that kids and teenagers dish out. After 16 years and countless parties, spills, and abuse the carpet still looks new. As a matter of fact, it’s the only thing in the basement that does not need fixed or repaired! Anything Goes lives up to its name and is the carpet I recommend to my family and friends.

Bob S. Albany, NY

When we purchased our current home in 1988 we had Anything Goes installed in the living room, dining room, master bedroom and family room, plus all halls and stairs. All of the carpet is still perfect. About ten years ago we changed the original family room carpet, because of redecoration. A friend requested the original carpet, had it cleaned, and gave it to his son for his apartment. Love the carpet. I would buy it again in a nanosecond.

Ralph C. Drexal Hill, PA

We purchased A/G Formal color Teal for our master bedroom. Over the past twenty-one years, we have had the carpet professionally cleaned four times, and it still looks great. Maybe if I hold on a few more years color teal will be a hot color!

And here is what one of the top magazines in the flooring industry has to say about anything goes….

Lew Migliore – Floor Covering News

“Pound for pound and dollar for dollar one of the best products on the market is Anything Goes! This carpet just plain works.”

Warren Tyler – Floor Covering News

“No residential quality can stand up to it at any price, thanks to its superior yarn system. In fact, nothing comes close. It retains its crisp good looks under all circumstances.”

Its no joke. You know if the people that are selling it are putting it in their house, it's quality… check out some of the comments from the retailers.

Gary Bertrand, Lee Appliance Inc., Plattsburgh, NY

“I start the customer with Anything Goes! It is the best carpet in my store and I feel I should show my customer the best from the start. I’ve been selling this product some 21 years now.”

Mike Tronco, Tronco Floors/General Arts Co., Inc., Columbia, SC

“I’ve been selling and installing Anything Goes! carpet for 17 years. I have not had a complaint for matting and crushing – ever. Without a doubt, Anything Goes! is the finest performing product that I have sold in my 30 years in the carpet business. I would not consider any other brand for my personal home. Anything Goes! is simply the best.”

Arron Helms, Fogels Carpet and Vinyl, Augusta, GA

“I did my own ‘torture test’ at the Augusta Exchange Club Fair. I put down a 12′ by 6′ piece of Anything Goes! outside the entrance (yes, I said outside). An accurate estimate of foot-traffic was 10,000. The carpet was also walked on by livestock (cows) entering through this entrance.”

“It surly looked to be ruined, but just like Anything Goes! promises, when we had it professionally cleaned it looked great! The stains came out and there was no noticeable matting or crushing. ”

“This carpet piece now hangs in my store – half dirty and half cleaned – proof that the Anything Goes! torture tests are legitimate. We recently changed the showroom carpet after 17 years. Naturally, we replaced it with Anything Goes!, as that was what had been down before – for 17 years!”

Rick Correlli, Rick’s Floor Covering, Carson City, NV

“We have been selling Anything Goes! carpet in our store for over 12 years, and we feel it is the best-performing residential carpet on the market today. It is the first product we show every customer.”

Brenda Thomas, Cambridge House Flooring & Interiors, Bountiful, UT

“Our store has sold Anything Goes! for over 15 years, and we tell our customers it is the world’s best-performing and best-warranted carpet. I will only sell my family and friends Anything Goes!”

Jeff Norman, Carpet Etc./Carpet One, Newport, OR

“I’ve been an Anything Goes! believer since the early 1980’s. After decades of proven performance, this carpet just might outperform me! It is the ONLY carpet I would recommend in those tough, trafficked areas.”

Duane Cox, Cox Furniture and Floors, Angleton, TX

“I have been selling Anything Goes! since 1982. We have sold over 100,000 yards of Anything Goes! without ever having a matting or crushing problem. It is truly the best carpet ever!”